Concerts 2023

with Diane Patterson

- Skjolven opens

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My music and lyrics are inspired by spiritual life, Viking Age, women's history and storytelling tradition. My language is primarily Danish with a historical tone. The expression is naked and original. I appreciate the simple honest and present. Music expresses what can hardly be said in other ways. Music opens the door to the heart and touches the soul. My songs heal myself.

     I am a self-taught singer, songwriter, composer, instrument builder and multi-artist. I have been playing percussion most of my life. My favorite instrument since 2017 is the frame drum played by hand. I am a Student from Frame Drum Academy by Marla Leigh Goldstein, California.

     The woman and the frame drum are an ancient tradition - a calling - that goes back to priestesses, shamans and matriarchs in prehistoric times. I was drawn to my musical universe 2010-12 and have since composed over 60 songs accompanied by frame drum. (ed. 2022).

Storytelling by singing with frame drum

Wolin Vikings and Slavs Fesival, Poland 2013

Demo aganinst "Cash Benefit Ceiling", Aalborg 2016

Nordlys over St. Brøndum, Mythological Vikingevent 2014

Thylejren Festival 2017

Herbal Festival 2017

Buens BookCafee 2022


9. Juni 2023, kl 19

Guldsmedgade 26, 8000 Aarhus


14. Juni 2023, kl 19. Thytid

Gamle Aalborgvej 16, 7741 Frøstrup

Buens Bogcafé

16. Juni 2023, kl 16.

Maren Turis Gade 12, 9000 Aalborg

Privat Koncert

10.  Juni 2023, kl ?,  Skivum

Andre Koncerter 2023